Spread the Joy of Yoga

October 9, 2011

This month we are offering a special promotion to help share the Joy of Yoga.  In October we have a duo package available for 1-year yoga memberships.  Find a friend or loved one wants to share the joy of yoga with you and receive a 1 year package for 40,000thb (20,000thb per person).  When you sign up for this package you also receive a free fitness assessment and 2 months of unlimited pool, steam and fitness studio access.


Fitness Assessment and Personal Training

September 16, 2011

Hello Friends,

Here at Absolute Sanctuary we want to help you meet your fitness goals.  Our Free Fitness Assessment is still available to both inhouse and outside guests and we are currently offering reduced price for one-on-one personalized fitness sessions.  PT sessions are now available for 1,200 THB/per session.  Please contact our Wellness Reception for additional information or to book your session.

Come get fit with us!


September 13, 2011

September 13, 2011

Absolute Sanctuary is happy to welcome back Shiatsu practitioner, Yutaka Homma, this month .

Yutaka has a long history as a Shaiatsu practitioner starting back in 1982 when he graduated from the Japan Shaitsu College.  Yutaka taught Shaitsu at various colleges in the USA and then opened 3 Shiatsu studios in Japan, one Shiatsu spa in the California and established  the Shiatsu Promotion Academy in Tokyo.  He also established a Shaitsu and massage school in Ho Chi Minh City.

So what exactly is Shaitsu?  It is a Japanese form of body work that means “finger pressure”.  Shiatsu has its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine and the philosophy of this these systems is that imbalances and blockages of energy in the body are the cause of illness.  Shiatsu works along the meridian lines in the body to free the flow of energy.

Some f the many benefits of Shiatsu include stimulating blood and lymph circulation, promoting healthy digestion, strengthening the immune system and regulating neural and organ functions and hormonal secretions.

Yutaka will be giving an introductory talk on the health benefits of Shiatsu and how it an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.  Please join us on September 20, 2011 at 3:00pm for this talk.


September 2011

September 11, 2011

Hello Everyone,

Good news- we have a new weekly workshop starting on Tuesday.   Paul, our chiropractor will be offering free postural/structural analysis sessions.    During this FREE one-on-one session,  Paul will examine your body balance and identify deviations of the spine and extremities.  He will provide you with feedback on these findings and discuss how an imbalanced structural body leads not only to below optimal skeletal function but also impacts the many other systems of the body and even disrupts energy flow through the 7 chakras.

Paul is available for postural/structural analysis on Tuesdays from 2:00 -4:00pm with each session lasting about 25 minutes.  If you are available during this time I certainly recommend this workshop, not only because I adore Paul for his warm and caring way of being but also because he is an incredible chiropractor and body worker.   Please see our Front Office reception if you would like to book for this session.

Other happenings this month – we have the Yogananth 100 hour Advanced Teacher Training taking place from September 21- October 2.  More details on this after the group arrives.  It has been some weeks since have had a yoga group so I am looking forward to meeting these dedicated yogis and yoginis.   I ‘m also hoping to sneak into a class or two.

Our Wellness Consultant started up the sunrise beach walks that I previously mentioned were on the way.  We have had a few early birds join so if you are up with the sun and want to start the day off right then definitely come along.  Ron is also leading Thai Cardio Fitness and Capoera classes and is available for personal training.  I had a PT session with him last week and wow – did he push me!!  It was challenging but great.   It involved an outdoor jog and running up and down stairs sometimes hopping on one leg at a time.  There were certainly some moments when I thought I had had enough but the beautiful view of the ocean and Ron’s encouragement kept me going and when it was all over I was super glad I stayed strong.   Thanks Ron!

Okay, that’s all for now.  More to come soon…


August 2011

August 30, 2011

Hello All,

You haven’t heard much from me lately but that is certainly not because not much has been going on.  Actually we have been working behind the scenes to bring new activities starting September.

We have some fun new activities for our in-house guests which include Sunrise Walks, for the early birds.  These will take place on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday this month from 6:30am-7:30am.   This is a wonderful way to start the day.  Our Fitness Consultant, Ron, will take those joining in a walking meditation to the beach and then lead his Kick Start Your Day warm-up on the sand.  KYD is a fun way to move and  stretch the body incorporating some Gigong exercises and breathing.

Ron will also be teaching Thai Cardio Fitness on Saturdays  and Capoeira classes on Sundays from 8:30-9:30am.  For those of you not familiar with Capoeira, it is a Brazilian Art Form that combines elements of martial arts, dance, music, kicks and leg sweeps.

Other exciting news – we have Yutaka returning to Samui September 19 – September 30th and he will be available for Shaitsu.  We had such great feedback from his treatments on his last visit and are really looking forward to his return.

That’s the latest in a nutshell.  Check back soon for more updates.



July – Part 2

July 28, 2011

I would like to start by introducing Tim.     Tim came to Absolute Sanctuary in July and  told me on his first day with us that he “came to have a break from his bachelor lifestyle”.  Tim elaborated that he goes out for beers with the guys and regularly eats fast food and processed food and wanted to give his body a break from it all.  Tim had previously done one detox program but nothing as comprehensive as our 20 day program which includes pre-cleanse, 7-day fasting program, 7-day living food detox and finishes with a post cleanse.

I started telling Tim about halfway through his program that he looked completely different from when he started.  I really wish I had taken a picture of Tim when he first arrived because the transformation is unbelievable.  Beside looking more relaxed his skin began to glow and his eyes  shinned.   Changes like these are quite common with detoxers.  The internal changes of removing toxins and stagnating waste, repairing damaged cells and improving overall functioning of the body’s systems can really be seen externally and it is quite amazing.   Of course you can also feel these changes – the mind becomes clear and focused and energy and energy levels increase.   Seeing and feeling these changes in myself is what attracted me to sharing the benefits of cleansing with others.  It is truly an amazing healing technique for the body, mind and the spirit.

Tim also took up yoga during his stay with us and told me he plans to continue when he returns home to Amsterdam.  I saw him one afternoon on his way to yoga and he told me he was thinking about finishing his program early.  He also told me he felt like having a beer and was on edge but it might be because he hadn’t yet done his daily yoga.  When I followed up with him the next day – sure enough he told me he felt great after class and had decided to finish the 20 day cleanse.  I really commend Tim on sticking it out and feeling the changes that come with cleansing and creating new healthy habits.

Tim had such a good time in Thailand that he plans to return next year for an extended period, handling his work from here and joining us again for yoga classes.  Tim, we look forward to seeing you back soon!

Tim looking very relaxed after a Thai massage

Other news at Absolute Sanctuary for July – Last month we welcomed the opening of our fitness center and this month we welcome Personal Trainer, Ron Veldhuis.  Ron has over 20 years experience as a fitness trainer and life coach.  He is extremely passionate about health and fitness so definitely drop in and visit with him during your stay.   We also have a special offer for all of our guests from now until the end of August for a free 30 minute fitness assessment with Ron.  The fitness assessment is a great way to get an idea of one’s current level of fitness and get started a fitness routine.  I had a fitness assessment with Ron and it was challenging.  I was feeling the workout for a couple days after (in a good way!) Ron really pushed me and motivated me and it was great to have that support.  Thanks Ron!

Well that’s the update for now.  Stay Healthy!


Start of July

July 10, 2011

July at Absolute Sanctuary jumped off with a wonderful Hot Yoga Immersion Retreat.  We had Tomasz Goetel here with 15 students.  This was my first time meeting Tomasz although we discovered pretty quickly we know many of the same yoga people because he spent many many years close to my hometown in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida USA  studying Hot Yoga.  Yoga has a way of connecting people worldwide and I am always amazed by this fact.

Wow- where can I even begin.  Tomasz radiates positive energy.  He is energetic, warm, upbeat and this comes across before even stepping foot into the yoga studio.   Lucky for me I was able to join in for a class and I have never experienced Hot Yoga like this before.  There was some chilled music playing in the background and we started off with sun salutes which is not typical of Hot Yoga.  Hot Yoga often motivates and pushes people by being strict and serious, which is great and what Hot Yoga students love about it but Tomasz took a totally different approach and still managed to achieve the same great results.   Tomasz made jokes and we laughed together in class making the atmosphere playful.  He also taught the class in a much softer voice but despite all these differences he still managed to kick our butts and help us find that quiet, focused mind space.

Before he left, Tomasz told me that everything was perfect – that the food was great, the rooms were wonderful , the staff was all friendly and helpful and that he gives us 10 out of 10 rating.  This is great news because Tomasz is scheduled to return later this year for another Hot Yoga Immersion Retreat.   We look forward to having him back and I personally look forward to joining more of his classes next time!

So other news at Absolute Sanctuary….We have a new yoga instructor, Rocio, that joined us recently.  Actually she isn’t new to teaching or new to Koh Samui as she has been on the island for several years teaching yoga at other resorts and wellness centers.  She is a wonderful teacher so be sure so check out her classes.

We also have new raw items available from The Love Kitchen for breakfast lunch and dinner.  Just a few of the new additions are the raw cashew banana pancake,  falafels, and marinara zucchini fettuccine.  For our more serious Raw Foodists, we also have raw sprouted options available for our Miso Salad and French Lentil Salad.  Ohh – we must not forgot the Raw desserts.  Next time you are in need of a little treat try the Cashew Chocolate Tart or Spirulina Cacao Balls.  Both are totally delicious and will certainly satisfy a sweet craving- and best of all they are healthy!

That’s the update for the beginning of July.  Right now we have a group here from Singapore here for the Balance Within Yoga and Pilates Retreat with Angela Brhuns and on the 17th  we have Jane Ribinskas leading The Knowing Flow Vinyasa Sequece Retreat.  More on these and the other happenings at Absolute Sanctuary soon.