Simon Low’s 2nd Yin Yoga Teacher Training is just around the corner…

November 24, 2011
Just a final reminder – 
Absolute Sanctuary’s 2nd annual Yin & Yang Yoga Teacher Training with Simon Low is
just 45 days away.
The yin and yang approach to yoga infuses traditional Chinese and other eastern energetic and medical principles into the rich traditions of yoga. In the yang practice, explorative circular and spiral movement patterns in fluid breath-led vinyasa are balanced with precise postural alignment and attention to anatomical detail. In the yin practices, the calming, restorative and meditative asanas are balanced by healing Taoist-inspired work into the primary joints of the torso, myofascial trains and energy meridians. Within the ‘dance’ of these complementary opposites, a more holistic, mindful yoga practice is found that balances strength and integration with flexibility and freedom. A more comfortable and conscious meditation practice is one of the multitude of benefits to be derived from this balanced approach to practice.
What can you expect to learn in this training?
*proper demonstration skills
*how to mirror
*how to use your voice
*safe adjustments
*lesson planning
*class sequencing and more!
Full details here: 
And applications are available here:

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