September 2011

September 11, 2011

Hello Everyone,

Good news- we have a new weekly workshop starting on Tuesday.   Paul, our chiropractor will be offering free postural/structural analysis sessions.    During this FREE one-on-one session,  Paul will examine your body balance and identify deviations of the spine and extremities.  He will provide you with feedback on these findings and discuss how an imbalanced structural body leads not only to below optimal skeletal function but also impacts the many other systems of the body and even disrupts energy flow through the 7 chakras.

Paul is available for postural/structural analysis on Tuesdays from 2:00 -4:00pm with each session lasting about 25 minutes.  If you are available during this time I certainly recommend this workshop, not only because I adore Paul for his warm and caring way of being but also because he is an incredible chiropractor and body worker.   Please see our Front Office reception if you would like to book for this session.

Other happenings this month – we have the Yogananth 100 hour Advanced Teacher Training taking place from September 21- October 2.  More details on this after the group arrives.  It has been some weeks since have had a yoga group so I am looking forward to meeting these dedicated yogis and yoginis.   I ‘m also hoping to sneak into a class or two.

Our Wellness Consultant started up the sunrise beach walks that I previously mentioned were on the way.  We have had a few early birds join so if you are up with the sun and want to start the day off right then definitely come along.  Ron is also leading Thai Cardio Fitness and Capoera classes and is available for personal training.  I had a PT session with him last week and wow – did he push me!!  It was challenging but great.   It involved an outdoor jog and running up and down stairs sometimes hopping on one leg at a time.  There were certainly some moments when I thought I had had enough but the beautiful view of the ocean and Ron’s encouragement kept me going and when it was all over I was super glad I stayed strong.   Thanks Ron!

Okay, that’s all for now.  More to come soon…


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