July – Part 2

July 28, 2011

I would like to start by introducing Tim.     Tim came to Absolute Sanctuary in July and  told me on his first day with us that he “came to have a break from his bachelor lifestyle”.  Tim elaborated that he goes out for beers with the guys and regularly eats fast food and processed food and wanted to give his body a break from it all.  Tim had previously done one detox program but nothing as comprehensive as our 20 day program which includes pre-cleanse, 7-day fasting program, 7-day living food detox and finishes with a post cleanse.

I started telling Tim about halfway through his program that he looked completely different from when he started.  I really wish I had taken a picture of Tim when he first arrived because the transformation is unbelievable.  Beside looking more relaxed his skin began to glow and his eyes  shinned.   Changes like these are quite common with detoxers.  The internal changes of removing toxins and stagnating waste, repairing damaged cells and improving overall functioning of the body’s systems can really be seen externally and it is quite amazing.   Of course you can also feel these changes – the mind becomes clear and focused and energy and energy levels increase.   Seeing and feeling these changes in myself is what attracted me to sharing the benefits of cleansing with others.  It is truly an amazing healing technique for the body, mind and the spirit.

Tim also took up yoga during his stay with us and told me he plans to continue when he returns home to Amsterdam.  I saw him one afternoon on his way to yoga and he told me he was thinking about finishing his program early.  He also told me he felt like having a beer and was on edge but it might be because he hadn’t yet done his daily yoga.  When I followed up with him the next day – sure enough he told me he felt great after class and had decided to finish the 20 day cleanse.  I really commend Tim on sticking it out and feeling the changes that come with cleansing and creating new healthy habits.

Tim had such a good time in Thailand that he plans to return next year for an extended period, handling his work from here and joining us again for yoga classes.  Tim, we look forward to seeing you back soon!

Tim looking very relaxed after a Thai massage

Other news at Absolute Sanctuary for July – Last month we welcomed the opening of our fitness center and this month we welcome Personal Trainer, Ron Veldhuis.  Ron has over 20 years experience as a fitness trainer and life coach.  He is extremely passionate about health and fitness so definitely drop in and visit with him during your stay.   We also have a special offer for all of our guests from now until the end of August for a free 30 minute fitness assessment with Ron.  The fitness assessment is a great way to get an idea of one’s current level of fitness and get started a fitness routine.  I had a fitness assessment with Ron and it was challenging.  I was feeling the workout for a couple days after (in a good way!) Ron really pushed me and motivated me and it was great to have that support.  Thanks Ron!

Well that’s the update for now.  Stay Healthy!


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