Start of July

July 10, 2011

July at Absolute Sanctuary jumped off with a wonderful Hot Yoga Immersion Retreat.  We had Tomasz Goetel here with 15 students.  This was my first time meeting Tomasz although we discovered pretty quickly we know many of the same yoga people because he spent many many years close to my hometown in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida USA  studying Hot Yoga.  Yoga has a way of connecting people worldwide and I am always amazed by this fact.

Wow- where can I even begin.  Tomasz radiates positive energy.  He is energetic, warm, upbeat and this comes across before even stepping foot into the yoga studio.   Lucky for me I was able to join in for a class and I have never experienced Hot Yoga like this before.  There was some chilled music playing in the background and we started off with sun salutes which is not typical of Hot Yoga.  Hot Yoga often motivates and pushes people by being strict and serious, which is great and what Hot Yoga students love about it but Tomasz took a totally different approach and still managed to achieve the same great results.   Tomasz made jokes and we laughed together in class making the atmosphere playful.  He also taught the class in a much softer voice but despite all these differences he still managed to kick our butts and help us find that quiet, focused mind space.

Before he left, Tomasz told me that everything was perfect – that the food was great, the rooms were wonderful , the staff was all friendly and helpful and that he gives us 10 out of 10 rating.  This is great news because Tomasz is scheduled to return later this year for another Hot Yoga Immersion Retreat.   We look forward to having him back and I personally look forward to joining more of his classes next time!

So other news at Absolute Sanctuary….We have a new yoga instructor, Rocio, that joined us recently.  Actually she isn’t new to teaching or new to Koh Samui as she has been on the island for several years teaching yoga at other resorts and wellness centers.  She is a wonderful teacher so be sure so check out her classes.

We also have new raw items available from The Love Kitchen for breakfast lunch and dinner.  Just a few of the new additions are the raw cashew banana pancake,  falafels, and marinara zucchini fettuccine.  For our more serious Raw Foodists, we also have raw sprouted options available for our Miso Salad and French Lentil Salad.  Ohh – we must not forgot the Raw desserts.  Next time you are in need of a little treat try the Cashew Chocolate Tart or Spirulina Cacao Balls.  Both are totally delicious and will certainly satisfy a sweet craving- and best of all they are healthy!

That’s the update for the beginning of July.  Right now we have a group here from Singapore here for the Balance Within Yoga and Pilates Retreat with Angela Brhuns and on the 17th  we have Jane Ribinskas leading The Knowing Flow Vinyasa Sequece Retreat.  More on these and the other happenings at Absolute Sanctuary soon.


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