June: 7th Hot TT, Our New Gym and The Minds Use of “Blocking” As A Protective Mechanism

June 20, 2011

June has been a busy month at Absolute Sanctuary.  We hosted the 7th Hot TT and have an energetic group of 30 students entering their final week of training.  These future hot yoga teachers have been busy working hard all month.  In addition to their long training hours, they were often spotted practicing the hot dialogue around the pool before their 7:30am start.  Not impressed yet??  Well, several students even chose to attend yoga classes on Wednesdays, their designated rest day.

The trainees worked hard both mentally and physically so as always we made sure to feed them properly.  Everyone seemed more than pleased with the daily buffet meals commenting regularly on how amazing the food is and how they couldn’t stop themselves from eating too much.  We served up super fresh and healthy breakfast, lunch and dinners.  Some of our yummy (but healthy!) desserts like chocolate cake and pumpkin cake also made their on the buffet as occasional treats.

One particular trainee told me each and every day “The training is getting better and better”!  That speaks volumes for both the teachers and the trainees.  It is always fun and inspiring to have teacher trainees around spreading their enthusiasm and energy.  We are excited for them to take the knowledge they gained during the TT program and share it with those back at home.

As for other news at Absolute Sanctuary – In June we opened our gym offering yet another way to get fit and healthy on your visits with us.  Our gym includes a treadmill, elliptical machine, a free weight station and exercise balls.  We also have a new visiting practitioner, Eszter, who offers personalized supportive therapy sessions.  She tailors the type of therapy to the specific needs of the client and is also available for dream analysis.  I was lucky enough to get a session with her where she used guided imagery to help me work through a specific problem.  This was my first experience with guided imagery and I learned that in therapy sessions the mind reaches a point where it uses something called “blocking”.  Blocking is the point where the mind stops the therapist from getting closer to the source of the problem.  Although, I wanted to break past this point where I felt “stuck” Eszter assured me this is a normal part of the process and as trust is built between the practitioner and the client the mind will allow more before reaching its stopping point.

This month we also said goodbye to Shaun, one of our yoga instructors.  He is returning to Australia to expand his teaching in new directions and we wish him all the best on the next phase of his journey.

With the end of the month getting closer I am looking forward to hearing from our Hot TT group about the training and what’s in store for them when they return home.  July is looking just as busy at Absolute Sanctuary with Hot Yoga Immersion, Yoga & Pilates Retreat, The Knowing Flow Vinyasa Sequence Retreat and a Teacher Training program from Nina Steineger all on the schedule.  We also have a few other things in the works here at Absolute Sanctuary but more on that soon….


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