March 7, 2010

It’s been awhile since the last post & many things have happened:

1) We had Stephen Thomas’s teacher training group with us from 1st Feb till 28th Feb and the group was awesome, Stephen was fantastic, students had great energy and the teacher training was one of our most memorable ones to host.

2) Nadia Hatta,Taiwanese celebrity & also new Fun Taiwan co-host came from 19th – 28th of February to film her Detox experience & also Stephen’s teacher training. Nadia is so bubbly & full of life that the resort just radiated from the life & energy that she injected in during her stay. Her laughter was infectious and she always had a smile on her face & something nice to say to guests. Not an ounce pretentious and we have had our fair share of celebrities but all our staff have found her to be the nicest & humblest that we have seen. A big plus is that she takes her yoga practice religiously & not because she’s an ambassador of yoga for Taiwan but because of her pure love & understanding of the meaning of Yoga. Just seeing her do a drop back is breathtaking, full of grace & poise.  Check her website http://www.alivenotdead.com

3) We saw for the first time our longest staying guest( apart from month-long teacher trainees we have) at the resort.Richard Holmes, a poker king from Australia had checked into Absolute Sanctuary as he had put on a lot of weight due to his busy lifestyle . He decided to come and do something for himself, though not into the idea of a Detox he initially just came for a 7 day Yoga holiday but it turned out that he would do a 7 day Detox  thereafter ( a fasting one mind you) & then further extended his stay after completion of the Detox to do more yoga & eat healthily.Thus turning an initial 7 day stay into one that lasted more than a month. Below you will see his testimony:

I would like to share my experience at Absolute Sanctuary, as this may help other people plan their stay. I was a 55-year-old man who had let myself go a lot. Way too much work, combined with over eating, had seen me climb to 114kg, and along with that I had become quite depressed. Having never done yoga in my life this was a bit daunting, as I decided on a 10 day yoga package and stay at the Sanctuary. From the very first class I realised this was going to be good for me. The 2 teachers have very different styles, but I soon started to feel comfortable and just worked at my own pace. I particularly enjoyed the “hot” classes as I sweated buckets, and started to feel better in myself almost immediately. The food menu was quite restricted and at first looked very boring, but I found it fine. A strange thing started to happen,  the more yoga I did the less appetite I had, and the better I felt!!!. The Sanctuary is a beautiful place ideally suited for relaxation. There is a fabulous pool but i can warn you that the middle of the day is VERY HOT!!!.( March/April ). The rooms are fine with good air con and internet but the tv’s are terrible!!!. Way too small and very few channels. The staff are incredibly friendly and go out of their way to help you at all times.The clinic staff are very professional and there is a very warm atmosphere about the whole Sanctuary.
After 10 days I really was feeling much better and was talked into a 7 day detox!!!!. I never thought it possible that I could go 7 days without food at the same time as having “colonics”, but I did it!!!, and felt 10 years younger at the end!!!. I’m not going to say it was easy, but with daily massages and belief that this was cleansing my body the time soon went. At the end of 17 days I’m happy to say that I had lost 9.5kg and felt better than I had in years.
I was concerned about leaving and slipping back into my old lifestyle so I decided to stay longer. This was a great idea but I think I stayed a bit to long ( another 18 days ) as I started to get bored with the food and the relaxing!!!. This was my fault as Koh Samui has many attractions but having been here before I found myself just hanging about the Sanctuary. In the evenings I started going out for more meals and soon slipped into the “deserts” again. Luckily I think I’ve learned a lot about food, my life, my body etc since being here that I will live a much healthier life on my return home. I wanted to lose more weight but the main thing is I did not put any weight back on, so I feel now it is ” up to me!! “.
In summary I can highly recommend Absolute Sanctuary as a life altering experience!!!
Richard Holmes.

We will surely miss Richard when he leaves tomorrow.

Our Longest Staying guest, all slim & trim

Let’s hope March is as interesting as February as we welcome Michel Besnard’s Teacher Trainees.


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