Men Do Detox

February 4, 2010

We are seeing alot of Men detoxing & wanting to loose weight. Alot of people think that detoxing or loosing weight is a woman thing but we are seeing alot of Men in the last few days coming to the resort for detoxing & the need to loose weight.!And these are not young men mind you they are men who are in their late 40’s & early 50’s. I think why not too many men want to do a Detox is because they are afraid of having a tube inserted in their bum & doing the colon hydrotherapy. It was quite humorous seeing one man tell another that the process is fantastic as the guy who was abit afraid was squirmish at the thought of having someone put something in his bum. But the brave soul decided to go for the full 7 day detox fasting program as he is not just here to loose weight but to have a life changing experience & get his health in order. It’s quite interesting to see these men encourage themselves through the detox process and would be good to see how these guys progress through their detoxes. I wish them only the best & we will do our best to support them through their program.

Well Day 2 of Stephen’s tt and so far so good.The students are happy with Stephen’s course, they are enjoying the food and the weather has been nice.Interesting thing tonight, as there was no cake for desert a trainee asked me why that was so , i told her we rotate so some nights there are fresh fruits some nights there is cake to cater to different palates. i think she was surprised that there were some people who don’t eat cakes & would prefer fruits for desert instead especially when the fruits ran out & when it was replenished a hoard of students rushed to get at it..Well to each his own. It will be good to see how the trainees transform through their 28 days so stay tuned.


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