Yoga Teacher Trainings

February 3, 2010

Today is the first day of us hosting Stephen Thomas’s Hatha Vinyasa Teacher Training, all has gone well no complaints. Food which used to be a big issue for us for teacher trainings is no longer an issue as we have revamped our menu and from the past few TTs we  have had alot of requests for our recipes ( These will have to wait till our recipe book is launched end of March!so look out for it). Stephen commented our food was amazing the only thing was to go easy on the garlic which makes sense as with all that breathwork needed in vinyasas it is not socially polite to have your neighbour on the next mat smelling your garlicy breath.I for one would be embarassed if the person on the mat next to me had to smell my garlic breath as I chanted or did my ujjayi breathing. Talked to our Thai Sous Chef about it, he was wondering what the connection with garlic & yoga was so after a few rounds of sun salutations with the ujjayi breath & a round of chanting “Om” with me he got the picture.

Finally after a long wait we have launched today our posters for our STOTT PILATES® Intensive Mat- Plus™  and STOTT PILATES ® Intensive Reformer™ trainings . For the very first time we are collaborating with Ultimate Pilates Teaching Center ( UPTC) to bring STOTT PILATES® education to the resort. I am quite excited myself, having been to a few reformer classes it’s a great way to tone up your body, make it lean & of course tone up your abs. The beauty of these intensives is that you don’t have to want to be a teacher to take part, it’s also for anyone who wants to deepeen their pilates knowledge. I promise also we will tone down the garlic as if you don’t already know, the exhales in pilates is through the mouth.

That’s all for today, got to go check out the dinner buffet for the group.


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